How to join the Stroke 2020 Campaign

Declaring your participation in the Stroke 2020 initiative is an important step towards raising the level of stroke care globally.

Getting involved requires only 3 steps:

  • Indicate your level of participation. National, Regional, or Local are all options, depending on the organization of your healthcare system, and the participation of your colleagues.
  • Decide on a data collection method. National or International Registries are the optimal way to collect data. Participants already using RES-Q do not need to do anything else, as this data can be used for Stroke 2020 automatically, and new RES-Q participants are always welcome.
  • Submit your letter. With these decisions made, a letter declaring your participation in Stroke 2020 can be submitted and will be included here in the "Participants" section to demonstrate your commitment to improving global stroke care.

Support documents can be found below. Please click on the links to download the documents.

Stroke 2020 is meant to show government leaders and policy makers how much progress has been made in stroke care, and how much work still needs to be done.

With everyone's participation we can make quality stroke care a global priority.

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