RES-Q Centre Registration

Membership Conditions
  1. I am a medical doctor / researcher authorized by the medical head of my department responsible for the stroke unit to serve as a Local Coordinator for RES-Q in our institution.
  2. As a centre using RES-Q we agree to the following basic conditions:
    • register all patients without selection in RES-Q for the agreed time period (i.e., no bias such as only your successes or failures);
    • accept source data monitoring (external monitor);
    • collaborate to elucidate the causes of treatment complications (additional information on data sharing can be found in the policy section);
    • receive regular (at most monthly) non-promotional communications regarding the status of the RES-Q registry (e.g. data collection status updates, upcoming changes to the data collection protocol);
    • ensure my, and my institution’s, compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.
  3. I have further read and understood the full terms and conditions, including my rights as a user, which can be found by clicking here.
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