Registered Countries

RES-Q currently has participating stroke centres in 75 member countries from throughout Europe, Africa, and Central and South East Asia. Membership is free, and is open to all hospitals or clinics that treat stroke patients from anywhere in the world. If you are interested in contributing to improving stroke care, we encourage you to enroll your centre by clicking here, or by contacting us directly by email by clicking here.

AL Albania
Albanian Flag
DZ Algeria
Algerian Flag
AR Argentina
Argentina Flag
AM Armenia
Armenian Flag
AT Austria
Austrian Flag
AZ Azerbaijan
Azerbaijanian Flag
BY Belarus
Belarus Flag
BE Belgium
Belgian Flag
BO Bolivia
Bolivia Flag
BR Brazil
Brazil Flag
BG Bulgaria
Bulgarian Flag
CL Chile
Chile Flag
CO Colombia
Colombia Flag
CR Costa Rica
Costa Rican Flag
HR Croatia
Croatian Flag
CZ Czech Republic
Czech Flag
EC Ecuador
Ecuador Flag
EG Egypt
Egypt Flag
EE Estonia
Estonian Flag
FR France
French Flag
GE Georgia
Georgian Flag
GH Ghana
Ghana Flag
GR Greece
Greek Flag
HU Hungary
Hungarian Flag
IS Iceland
Iceland Flag
IN India
Indian Flag
ID Indonesia
Indonesian Flag
IR Iran
Iran Flag
IT Italy
Italy Flag
JM Jamaica
Jamaica Flag
KZ Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Flag
KE Kenya
Kenya Flag
KG Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Flag
LV Latvia
Latvian Flag
LT Lithuania
Lithuanian Flag
MY Malaysia
Malaysian Flag
MT Malta
Malta Flag
MX Mexico
Mexican Flag
MD Moldova
Moldova Flag
NA Namibia
Namibia Flag
NP Nepal
Nepal Flag
MK North Macedonia
Macedonian Flag
PS Palestinian Territories
Palestinian Territories Flag
PA Panama
Panama Flag
PY Paraguay
Paraguay Flag
PE Peru
Peru Flag
PH Philippines
Philippines Flag
PL Poland
Polish Flag
PT Portugal
Portuguese Flag
RO Romania
Romanian Flag
RU Russia
Russian Flag
SA Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Flag
RS Serbia
Serbian Flag
SK Slovakia
Slovakian Flag
SI Slovenia
Slovenian Flag
ZA South Africa
South African Flag
KR South Korea
South Korean Flag
ES Spain
Spanish Flag
TZ Tanzania
Tanzania Flag
TH Thailand
Thailand Flag
TN Tunisia
Tunisia Flag
TR Turkey
Turkish Flag
UA Ukraine
Ukrainian Flag
AE United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates Flag
GB United Kingdom
United Kingdom Flag
UZ Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan Flag
VN Vietnam
Vietnam Flag

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