Effective January 2024, this website no longer supports the ESO/WSO Angels Awards Programme or the ESO, WSO and AHA/ASA quality monitoring or stroke centre certification programmes.

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What is RES-Q?

  1. RES-Q is a Registry of Stroke Care Quality. Developed as an ESO East initiative, RES-Q was initially targeted at primarily at Central and Eastern Europe. However, RES-Q is happy to welcome users from across the world. 
  2. RES-Q is an initiative of the ESO East Project (European Stroke Organisation- Enhancing and Accelerating Stroke Treatment) to help registered sites and countries improve their stroke care system.

How can I use RES-Q?

  1. As a tool for continuous monitoring, evaluation and improvement of health care quality – a Quality Registry.
  2. To identify specific gaps and needs in health care delivery at a national, regional and hospital level.
  3. Data from RES-Q can be combined with evidence from global best practice in acute stroke care, to implement improvements across countries and hospitals.

What is the impact of RES-Q?

  1. RES-Q brings new, more accurate, knowledge about stroke care in our countries.
  2. RES-Q will provide the evidence base for targeting what should be improved.
  3. ESO and local professional societies can collaborate with governments on improving stroke care.
  4. Improvements can be observed through the data provided to RES-Q every year.
  5. RES-Q is a tool that can change the quality of health care in every hospital and every country.