Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

of the mobile application Život po CPM

Valid as of 04/07/2022 in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and on the repeal of Directive 95/46 /EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (GDPR) and Act No. 110/2019 Coll. on the processing of personal data, as amended.

I. General requirements

These terms govern the use of the multi-platform mobile application Život po CPM, (hereinafter referred to as application by third parties (users), (hereinafter referred to as "Terms"). Before using the application, you must familiarize yourself with these Terms. Using the application (including its content), you agree to the following Terms. The Life After Stroke application is publicly accessible for free on Google Play and on App Store.

II. Intellectual property

The owner and operator of the application is the University Hospital at St. Anny in Brno, with registered office 664/53, 602 00 Brno (hereinafter referred to as "FNUSA"), which is authorized to distribute them in accordance with Act No. 121/2000 Coll., Copyright Act, as amended.

All copyrighted works, materials, trademarks, and other parts of the application, or parts supplied with the application that are subject to copyright protection, remain at all times the property of FNUSA, which operates application. You are authorized to use protected content and materials only in connection with the application, and for educational purposes only, and commercial use of the application content for any purpose other than the above is prohibited without the prior written consent of FNUSA. If the user of the application violates this prohibition and the FNUSA thereby incurs damage, the injured party is entitled to compensation for damage pursuant to Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended. If the user learns that third parties have violated these Terms and Conditions as described above, he is obliged to inform FNUSA of this fact immediately.

III. Registration

In order to use our application, you must have a valid registration. By registering, you give us explicit consent under Art. 9 paragraph 2 letter a) GDPR to the processing of your data for that purpose (using our mobile application Život po CMP). We are responsible for the processing of your data through this application in the position of Data Controller, but you accept all responsibility for keeping your password secret and for ensuring that no one else gains access to your account, and all activity originating from your account and/or authorized by your password is primarily your responsibility. Any misuse of access data must be reported to us as the application operator immediately. We therefore strongly recommend that you keep your password and account information strictly confidential and do not share them with anyone.

IV. What information does application collect and how does it handle it?

  1. When registering, you provide the developer of the web and mobile versions of the application (Cerebrovascular Research Program FNUSA-ICRC) with information used to identify:

    1. Nickname

    2. Pseudonymized birth number (Personal Identification Number / Insurance Number), resp. birth number secured by two-phase hashing method

    3. Post stroke quality of life and healthcare data

The data entered during the registration and the data you subsequently send through our application will not be published or provided to any third party. However, the data may subsequently be shared with the researchers of FNUSA and their partners within the EU for scientific and research purposes, and with control authorities, but always exclusively in anonymized or pseudonymized form, where it will not be possible to determine your identity.

V. Processing time and right of withdrawal

By using the application, the user expressly agrees to the terms of their use and to its personal data protection policy.

The data will be kept and processed for the duration of their usefulness for research in the field of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases. The evaluation of the usability of data/personal data will be the responsibility of the leading physician of the research team, the data processing time may therefore be longer in view of the exceptions to the GDPR rules for biomedical research [Art. 6 paragraph 1 letter e) GDPR (public interest) and Article 9 paragraph 2 of the letter. j) GDPR (scientific research)]. This does not apply in the case of withdrawal of consent to the processing of the personal data of a specific user (data subject). In such a case, his personal data will then be disposed of.

According to the GDPR, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by selecting the option "Delete account" in your profile in the application or on its web version, or by sending a notification to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There are no penalties for withdrawing your consent, nor does the withdrawal affect the quality and availability of health services at FNUSA.

VI. Security of personal data and data subject rights under GDPR

Appropriate technical and organizational measures have been implemented to preserve the integrity of data and security of your personal data.

According to the GDPR, I have the following rights, and I have been fully informed that:

a) if I provide the administrator with my personal data, I do so completely voluntarily, and I am aware that the above-mentioned range of processed personal data is necessary to fulfill the intended purpose (implementation of the application),

b) I can withdraw my consent to the processing of my personal data at any time in whole or in part, with effects only for the future; whereas the revocation of consent must be made in writing, and after the revocation of consent or the expiration of the period for which consent was granted, the administrator is obliged to delete my personal data (and properly shred paper documents),

c) I have the right to receive confirmation from the controller as to whether or not my personal data is being processed; I can exercise this right even after the period for which I gave my consent to the processing of my personal data has expired,

d) I have the right to access my personal data, i.e. upon my request, the administrator is obliged to provide me with information about the processing of my personal data in a transparent and comprehensible manner without undue delay,

e) if I find out or believe that my personal data is being processed unlawfully, I have the right to demand from the administrator an explanation and the elimination of the situation that has arisen in this way,

f) if it should become clear that my personal data are being processed inaccurately or incompletely, I have the right to have them corrected or to supplement those personal data that are incomplete (and in this context, I have the right to request that the administrator until the accuracy of the personal data verify the data, limit the processing of my personal data),

g) if it becomes clear that my personal data is being processed for direct marketing purposes, I have the right to object to such processing and the administrator is obliged to stop such processing and delete my personal data,

h) I can also object to processing in the public interest, if FNUSA was authorized to do so, and to processing that FNUSA carries out in its legitimate interest, including any profiling based on these legal titles of processing,

i) I have the right to have the administrator delete my personal data if it becomes clear that they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected if I withdraw my consent, if I object to their processing [see letter above h)], or if it becomes clear that they were processed illegally,

j) in the case of detected illegal processing, I am entitled to request only the restriction of their use instead of the deletion of my personal data,

k) I have the right to file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection, the supervisory authority in the field of personal data protection (it is advisable to contact the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection beforehand - see below).

VII. Contact

The administrator of Personal Data is the University Hospital at St. Anny in Brno (FNUSA), Pekařská 664/53, 602 00 Brno.

Contact to the authorized person: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; tel.: +420 543 184 070 or +420 731 416 981.

VIII. Blocking access to the application

The operator is entitled to block access to the application to users who:

  • have violated, keep violating these Terms or applicable laws of the Czech Republic,

  • damage the application or interfere with the rights and legitimate interests of the operator, other users, or third parties

  • interfere in any way with the application’s content or technical nature without the operator's prior consent.

The provision of services to the user will also be terminated if it is assessed by FNUSA that the user is engaging in unacceptable behavior, and this assessment is subject to the sole discretion of the implementers of the web and mobile version of the application (FNUSA-ICRC Cerebrovascular Research Program), and may be done even without giving a reason.

IX. Limitation of Liability for Damages

The operator is not responsible for damages caused by the user or a third party, which occurred in direct or indirect connection with the use of the application. The operator also bears no responsibility for advertising, or any other form of promotion carried out by any third party through the application. The operator is not responsible for damages incurred by the user or a third party as a result of the impossibility of using the application services, even for direct or indirect connection with such a fact.

FNUSA, as the operator of the application, does not provide any guarantees that there will be no defects in the application or that there will be no outages. Despite all efforts, the operator cannot exclude the occurrence of computer viruses in the application and does not assume responsibility for any damage that may be caused by a virus infection or cyber attack, which he could not effectively prevent even with the introduction of available technical measures corresponding to his capabilities (vis maior). FNUSA also bears no responsibility for unauthorized changes, technical failures, errors or any other defects that may occur during the operation of the application.

X. Final provisions

The operator of the application reserves the right to change or supplement these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice at its discretion. All users are therefore advised to regularly monitor any updates to these Terms and Conditions.

The terms and conditions enter into force and effect on the day of their publication. The terms and conditions were published on 13th December 2022.

XI. Feedback

Please contact us with any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy or the application by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..