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Welcome to RES-Q Reports

The RES-Q Data Management Portal has been designed to make it as easy and convenient to access your data as possible, in a secure and transparent environment. You will find below dashboards to instantly visualize your current data, and a reports section where you can download your data directly from RES-Q.

RES-Q Dashboards. Updated daily.

The RES-Q Live dashboards have been designed to provide quick, simple, clear and up to date access to all of the metrics in the RES-Q form, from both a national and site perspective.

    The RES-Q Dashboards provide the following data for national and site coordinators:
  • assessmentLive dashboardchevron_rightAll data entered for the current quarter, updated daily for national and site coordinators.
  • timelapsePrevious resultschevron_rightFull data for all previous quarters.
  • compare_arrowsQuarterly comparisonschevron_rightSelect two quarters to compare performance.
  • gradeESO / WSO Angels Awardschevron_rightMonitor progress towards achievement of an ESO / WSO Angels award.

As with the RES-Q quarterly and half year reports, the RES-Q Live Dashboards present data for all patients with a discharge date within the selected quarter.

RES-Q Reports.
Comprehensive data.

The RES-Q Reports Portal allows National and Site Coordinators to download quarterly, half yearly and annual reports. Reports are available as PowerPoint and Excel.

All RES-Q Reports present data for patients with a discharge date within the selected quarter.