How can we solve this problem?

  1. Develop a tool for continuous monitoring, evaluation and improvement of health care quality – a Quality Registry.
  2. Identification of country and hospital specific gaps and needs in health care delivery.
  3. Conduct interventions for health care improvement based on the quality registry data with the involvement of health care regulatory authorities and stakeholders.

What is RES-Q?

  1. RES-Q is a Registry of Stroke care quality developed as an ESO initiative and targeted primarily to countries of Eastern Europe and beyond.
  2. RES-Q is a tool of the ESO-EAST Project (European Stroke Organisation – Enhancing and Accelerating Stroke Treatment) to help involved countries improve their stroke care system.

What is the impact of RES-Q?

  1. It brings new, more accurate, knowledge about stroke care in our countries.
  2. It will provide us the evidence base for targeting what should be improved.
  3. ESO and local professional societies will cooperate with local governments on improving stroke care.
  4. We can observe the improvement through evidence provided in RES-Q every year.
  5. This tool CAN change the quality of health care in every country and every hospital